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Does A House Need A Cavity Closer?

The reality is the houses don’t actually need a cavity closer in order to be built, although the process is made a lot easier when they are installed. A cavity closer is in fact a small but vital part of the house building process and allows for the each installation of windows and doors. They provide a template for all openings of the house so later on the windows and doors can be fitted neatly into place without any difficulty. This article explores cavity closers and why they are so important to a house.

With a cavity closer, quickly and easily you can create very precise and robust openings that are compliant with all UK building regulations. The entire construction process can be moved along quicker in fact as traditionally creating window and door openings was time consuming and difficult to get right. If time is saved during the construction process then money is saved too. As well as providing a rigid template for windows and doors, cavity closers are also designed to seal off cavities in the wall. Today houses are built with cavity walls – two layers of bricks with a gap of between 50mm and 100mm in between. This gap is very effective because not only does it provide a good layer of insulation, it also prevents damp from coming into the house. The outer wall can be thrashed with rain continuously, but it won’t be able to seep through into the inner walls.  บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Cavity closers can be used on any type of building too. It is not just brick houses where they fit, but masonry houses, steel or timber framed houses too. Although the cavity closer itself is often made of uPVC, that doesn’t mean only uPVC windows can be fitted either. Wood windows, metal and composite windows and doors can all be installed easily at a later date with a cavity closer in place.

Having closers made from uPVC makes them easy to slot together and easy to fit. uPVC is a good material to use in construction because it is very durable and lasts a lifetime. It is also extremely cost effective and easy to work with too. Closers consist of a simple slot together system and are easily installed to provide a rigid bricklaying template for all square shaped windows and doors in the house. They are also thermally insulated too which means your home benefits from a further layer of insulation. Heat can often escape through windows and doors, so ensuring there is a boundary of thermally efficient material around each one can really help keep the fuel bills down. uPVC is an environmentally friendly material too because it is made from recycled materials and because it is so durable it never needs replacing or maintaing.

The end result of having a house with cavity closers is a warm and dry home that is free from damp and very well insulated. Damp is a serious problem in houses because not only does it wear away the walls the home is made from, but it can even be dangerous for your health. Mould and damp can cause respiratory problems and even bring on asthma attacks so it is something that should be taken very seriously. If you want to find out more about cavity closers you should contact a reputable building firm to ask about them. If you are mid house construction you should ask your builder whether or not they are to be installed. If they aren’t you should recommend that they are.

Although a house doesn’t need a cavity closer to be built, it certainly does help with window fixings and installation of doors. As an insulated cavity closer too, you all benefit from a more efficient home which means less cost to heat it in winter and cool it in summer.

Chris Coxon writes articles for Cavalok, the first company to manufacture cavity closer entirely from 100% post-consumer PVC-U, meeting the growing demand for more environmentally friendly building products in the United Kingdom. Cavalok customers are assured of excellent value and an outstanding level of service delivered by our responsive, enthusiastic and customer-focused team. Find out about the insulated cavity closer and window fixings today.


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